Alerts tell you something happened. tells the right person something important is happening.


Create rules to filter incoming data by content or frequency. Decide whether to ignore to reduce the noise, create an event or warning on the stream or generate an alert.

Groups & escalations

Create groups to be notified on certain types of events. Set on-call schedules to ensure there's always someone available. Build escalations paths so no serious incidents get missed.

Smart alerts

Get alerted via email, push notifications, SMS or phone call. Reply with your action and get updates when someone else comments or acts on an alert.

Problems don't always happen when you're at your desk is available on the web, iPhone and Android. We'll also reach you by SMS and phone.

Add all the tools in your stack

Easily connect many of the common tools or use a custom integration to send us data via e-mail or the API. will create relevant events and smart alerts for each integration.

and many more